Our Top 5 Reporting Softwares and Why It’s Important to Marketing Agencies to Use Them

In the realm of digital marketing, clients expect results supported by data. Fortunately, generating reports quickly and accurately is becoming increasingly accessible. With the right reporting software, you can save your digital marketing agency money, time, and effort while seamlessly presenting data to your client. Take a look at the top reporting software on the market today to drive and improve your client reporting strategy:


DashThis is one reporting software used by many highly respected organizations in a variety of industries. They provide everything you need on one page. Their system automatically gathers your data from all of your tools, combining data from different sources into a single dashboard. DashThis creates a customizable experience for the dashboard organization. With this feature, you can create as many reusable templates as you like. When generating reports, you can combine multiple sources into a single report for efficient KPI tracking. Additionally, you can display your data seamlessly with a variety of graphs and charts. Again, customization is key here.


Domo is a cloud-native platform that takes data spread across multiple platforms and consolidates it into a clear picture for teams to view. Their Cardbuilder feature is Domo’s solution to visualizing data. Users can view data in graphs, charts, and other options in a drag-and-drop interface. Meanwhile, the Stories feature allows users to organize visuals into a story form. You can do this by combining cards, texts, and images within a dashboard. Dashboards are customizable with a variety of layout options. Domo also makes creating predictive models simple. With “Insights,” users receive a text summary, data outliers, and other information needed for any action.


Databox‘s mission is to automate the client reporting process. Their software compiles data from popular marketing software and services such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads, HubSpot Marketing, and more. After connecting all their client’s services, Databox becomes a single platform for a team to monitor progress, calculate ROI numbers, and receive alerts in the event of unexpected trends. When you connect your data you have the option to utilize thousands of default metrics and over 200 pre-built reports. This allows you to view the most important metrics for your individual clients. Additionally, you can build a fully customizable dashboard for easy viewing. The DataBlock library offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system to populate data.


Dasheroo allows agencies to manage clients from a single account while collaborating on individualized reporting metrics. All your data from platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MailChimp, and more will be available in one place. This software features premium organization capabilities. Its dashboard system allows your team to organize data efficiently in a way that’s specific to different departments. Dasheroo also offers useful comparative visuals with Data Insight Mashup, which takes two different apps and “mashes them up” on a line chart graph. This will allow you to easily spot significant correlations and trends.


Cyfe is an all-in-one single dashboard program designer for marketers and advertisers. The dashboard displays how one activity impacts the results of another. You can build custom reports depending on your goals. Dashboards are also highly customizable and can be structured around specific segments like SEO, email, and more. Not to mention a free version of this software is available, allowing you to test it out before purchasing.

Refine Your Digital Marketing Strategy with CNG Digital Marketing

There are countless options when it comes to selecting reporting software for your digital marketing agency. As one of the best San Diego digital marketing agencies, our team knows what software garners results in order to take your company to the next level. Try these top reporting tools and see the difference they make when it comes to generating your reports. Visit our blog to learn more about the latest innovations in digital marketing.

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