Our 3 Favorite CRMs and Why We Love Them

You know the age-old adage, “The customer is always right”? Well in today’s digital landscape that saying has never been truer. Developing quality relationships with customers and understanding demographic information, key preferences, purchase history, keyword patterns, and other relevant data is paramount to the success of a digital marketing agency. That’s why a good CRM system is a must-have.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are tools used to manage and improve a company’s business relationships. A quality CRM system is essential for companies to stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

A good CRM tool allows companies to store existing customer and potential leads contact information, identify sales opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, gain insights for conversion rate optimization and communicate with consumers all in a unified location that every employee can access.

With hundreds of options, it can be difficult to select the CRM solution that’s right for your company. We’ve selected 3 of our favorite CRMs and compiled all the information on why we love them:

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It’s hard to compete with a free, simple and highly-integrated CRM system like Hubspot. Hubspot CRM is a growth platform that combines marketing, sales, and customer service software to organize, manage, and build better relationships with existing and potential customers. The CRM software is 100% free and provides a unified view of your company’s entire customer database.

Hubspot makes it extremely convenient to create client profiles, organize customer communication, assign and track quotas, manage agent performance, and more all on a single, cohesive dashboard where all employees can track company activity.

As one of the most adaptable CRM systems in the industry, Hubspot easily integrates into your organization’s current workflows and can maximize existing CRM system productivity. With an easy to use interface and quality customer support, it’s clear to see why Hubspot is one of the leading CRM systems on the market today.


Salesforce is an award-winning CRM solution that helps companies track all customer interactions and information in a single location to provide a shared view of each customer. Offering separate systems for analytics, marketing, service, community cloud, commerce and more, companies can customize and maximize CRM data to find leads and maintain customer relationships.

With features like lead management, marketing automation and sales data, Salesforce provides organizations with the opportunity to close more deals, get more leads, increase productivity, and glean more insights.

The platform allows users to mix-and-match various products to create the perfect CRM solution for your business based on specific needs. With the ability to accommodate any type of business from a startup to a large corporation, Salesforce is one of the most effective CRM solutions worldwide.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is part of Zoho’s web-based office suite that helps organizations engage with leads and customers, build a scalable sales process, and experience growth faster. Zoho’s easy to use, feature-rich, and customizable software offers companies a CRM solution with a minimal learning curve that yields tangible results.

Users have the ability to automate business processes, track sales and get analytics and reports to improve insights with Zoho’s customizable features. Easy to implement and intuitive to use, Zoho also easily integrates with third-party business apps such as Google Apps, Microsoft, QuickBooks and more.

As an industry giant in business tools and information technology for the past two decades, it’s no surprise that Zoho’s CRM system is one of the most efficient and well-reviewed CRM solutions to date.

Selecting the right CRM solution for your organization can profoundly affect how your company interacts with customers. These three award-winning CRM systems are great options for anyone looking to improve their business relationships through customizable and integrative software.

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