Top Supplemental Benefits for Today’s Workforce

Companies that offer supplemental worksite benefits Pennsylvania promote employee loyalty and productivity and contribute to satisfactory work cultures. These are among the top additional benefits that matter in today’s workplace.

Retirement Plans

Many economists predict that social security funds will run out by 2034. Many Americans do not have enough resources to sustain a comfortable lifestyle when they are no longer working. Companies that offer 401K retirement plans make it convenient for their employees to start saving and planning for the future. Employees especially value companies that make matching contributions to their employees’ retirement accounts.

Disability Insurance

An unexpected illness or injury can prevent employees from resuming their regular work schedules and lead to financial hardship due to wage interruptions. Disability insurance covering lost wages until an employee can return to work is especially valuable to individuals with families to support.

Flexible Savings Accounts

Employees can transfer a portion of their pre-tax earnings into these accounts for use paying qualifying health-related expenses. Flexible Savings Accounts reduce employees’ tax liability, and companies that match contributions give their employees incentives to care for their health.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many individuals want to advance their education but may not have the resources to do that. As educations costs continue to rise, companies that encourage their employees to pursue advanced learning by offering tuition assistance offer a highly coveted benefit. Companies that pay for courses and degrees that promote their employees’ careers benefit by retaining loyal employees who add value to their workforce.

Family Services

Working parents often struggle with balancing their job requirements with the needs of their children. Companies that offer on-sight daycare or flexible schedules to accommodate parenting obligations or other caretaker responsibilities reduce their employees’ stress and increase productivity.

Companies that offer their employees desirable supplemental benefits promote work-life balance and have more satisfied employees.


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