3 Reasons To Use a Courier For Shipping

If you’re a small business that relies on shipping to get your goods to your customers, you already know that it can be a nightmare, especially shipping large packages. Instead, consider using a private courier. Here are three top reasons to use a courier for your shipping.

  1. Save Money

Overnight or international shipping can run into hundreds of dollars; you can’t pass these fees along to customers but you can’t eat that kind of cost either. When you hire a delivery service Valdosta GA, you’re getting a lot of perks and you’re also getting a better price than you can through the post office.

You save money and the customer saves money. Courier services make sure that your international packages are delivered “deliver duty paid” so that your customer isn’t stuck paying extra to get your package through customs.

  1. Get It There On Time

Private delivery services are willing to work with you when you need service, even if it’s the weekend or a holiday. Especially if you are working with other businesses, you may receive orders late in the day that need to be delivered the next day, or even the same day, no excuses; a courier can guarantee delivery where a major carrier has multiple caveats and exceptions that mean their one-day delivery often isn’t.

  1. Hand Off Packaging

One of the nicest perks of using a delivery service is customized features like taking care of all your packaging needs. Instead of keeping bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and other space-hogging packaging in your warehouse, hand off the headache to your courier. They will pack everything for you, and because it is their work and reputation on the line, you know it will be done right.

Couriers save you money, time and worry while giving your customers a better delivery experience.


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