Tips for Choosing a Standing Desk

The benefit of an adjustable workstation is that it offers the opportunity for movement throughout the day. The human body was not made to remain in one position for hours on end. A standing desk will help you attain flexibility in your work flow. Here are some factors when choosing a standing desk for your office furniture Sacramento.

Adjustable Height

When choosing a standing desk, it’s important to think about how you interact with your desk. As you go about your tasks on any given day, you are likely engaging in several activities that require differences in posture. Therefore, the ability to adjust your desk’s height to meet your various needs should be a priority. You want a desk that can easily transform from a seated position to a standing one, which will allow you optimal benefits and comfort.

Desk Type

You don’t have to find an entirely new desk to include a standing function. You can also acquire a standing desktop unit. You have to decide if the office space you’re working in will accommodate a full-standing desk. There are some small spaces, such as a cubicle that would benefit from a desktop unit, rather than trying to swap an existing desk with an adjustable desk.


If you need your desk’s full surface to spread out documents and paperwork, you don’t want to sacrifice your workspace for a desktop unit. Likewise, if you tend to keep office supplies such as staplers, hole punches and binders on your desk, consider where you would place those items if you had half your desk space. However, if you can grab your laptop and work anywhere, you will likely be fine with a desktop unit. The key is to maintain the efficacy of your setup.

Since many people work in a job that requires constant proximity to a computer, it is easy to get stuck in the habit of remaining in the same spot for most of the day. An adjustable desk presents the ability to move frequently during a shift without leaving the workstation.


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