Why digital PR is necessary to brand development

The main difference between offline and online Digital PR tools and methods regards the dimension of the audience they allow to reach. Thanks to the online media, the digital PR professionals can boost a brand development strategy and increase the brand awareness in a faster, simpler and more effective way than in the past times.

This is the reason why we can say that Digital PR are essential to brand development. Let’s try to understand why and how online public relations experts can take advantages from new media and web applications.

New Media and Web Apps for the Digital PR

Digital PR experts can rely on several new tools, activities and methods useful for the development of a complete branding strategy.

For example, you can think about how social media affected the brand development strategies of several companies from different industries. A great part of them have – and sometimes manages – a Facebook fan page, or an Instagram account or a corporate Linkedin page. Companies use the social media as the main channel where to meet, talk end engage their customers and prospects.

The digital experts can’t pass over these tools and they can’t exclude the social media from their branding strategies as well as influencers marketing campaigns and online advertising campaigns.

Nowadays, PR professionals are both online and offline communication experts and they have to deeply understand and to know the dynamics of these new markets, in order to ensure the better result to their clients.

A powerful strategy can’t be based only on the classic media such as TV, press and radio. Journalism, press releases and media relations are not enough if you want to promote your brand or you event, and to reach an audience who is really interested in your products, brand or values.This is the citizen journalism era, this is the time of new relationships between people, and companies and customers.

Everyone can express himself or herself thanks to the web channels so that everyone can express his or her opinion about a company. Digital PR experts have to be able to monitor the online sentiment about a brand and to design strategies and activities that can boost brand reputation when it is going down due to several reasons such as a scandal or an unexpected event.

Not all the internal crisis or the negative reviews are something dangerous for your brand. A Digital expert is able to change a negative situation into something positive for your brand development.

For example, if someone writes a negative review about your products on your Facebook Fan Page or on your Google My Business board, it could be useful to reply to the comment, not to hide or to delete it. Also, remember that everyone can read the comment and your reply because the web is democratic and it is open to everyone so, the tone of voice of the reply must be polite, even if that of the user is not.

If you will be polite and you will give a reasonable answer to the critiques, you will be able to demonstrate to the other users many positive things about your company, for example that you accept constructive critiques, and also that you are open to dialogue with your followers.

This is one of the most important best practice that a professional knows and puts into practice every day. Don’t’ forget to ask for a professional if you want your digital PR to be useful to your brand development strategy!

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