Is SiteLock Worth the Money?

The internet is not an entirely safe place. With hackers, viruses and malware threatening websites, most site owners try everything to keep their websites secure. There are numerous tools and applications that can help site owners fortify website security. Today, we are going to talk about SiteLock Security and assess if it is worth the money.

SiteLock Security

Most site owners would have heard about SiteLock, either through their hosting companies or some security-related article online. It is a web security tool that helps protect your site against various online threats. With the incidences of hacking and malware attacks on the rise, this tool is highly effective in keeping miscreants at bay.

Is SiteLock worth the money?

What price are you willing to pay to keep your site secure? A website has a lot at stake for a business. A site that is constantly facing security issues will lose customers and can tarnish a brand’s reputation in addition to impacting its SEO score. Hence, most site owners are willing to spend a few dollars on protecting their site and data. However, is the price of the tool worth it?

Good web hosting providers offer SiteLock as a premium tool for the following prices:

  • Basic – $0.99 per month
  • Professional – $2.83 per month
  • Premium – $3.66 per month
  • Enterprise – $12.49 per month

You can choose a plan based on your security requirements. Here are some features and benefits offered by SiteLock. You can go through them and determine if you find it worth your money.

1. It scans for vulnerabilities

Any security tool should offer 360-degree protection for your website. One of the most common tools used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to websites is via malware. SiteLock scans your site at regular intervals for viruses and malware. This feature allows you to take corrective steps before a hacker can cause damage to your website or steal critical data.

2. You get a firewall

A firewall is the first line of defense against hackers and ‘bad’ traffic. It can identify a potentially harmful request and block it before it hits your server. It also provides a CAPTCHA-based security system that keeps bots away. Further, you receive an alert every time your site is under threat.

3. Scans all web applications

Your site needs applications and software to provide a customized experience to site visitors. These are third-party applications with a team of developers working to ensure that they are safe and lack any vulnerabilities. They also update the apps regularly to ensure maximum security. But, how will a site owner know that the updated version is safe? SiteLock scans all web applications used by your site and verifies the updated versions against the app-catalog to ensure that it does not have any security loopholes.

Remember, most online users know about viruses and malware and expect site owners to keep them at bay. Users value their personal information, and if they find the smallest hint of a security lapse on your site, then they can abandon it within no time. SiteLock assures that you have an unshakeable grip over your website security. Also, this tool displays a security trust seal on your site that works as a visual indicator of the fact that your website is safe and has been scanned today.

Summing Up

If you consider the benefits offered by SiteLock Security, then the price does not seem undue. Based on your requirements, spending between $1 and $13 per year is worth the security provided by SiteLock. Remember, one security lapse is all it takes to ruin years of effort and tarnish your brand’s reputation. Hence, ensure that you keep yourself updated about cybersecurity and use the right security tools for your site. Good Luck!

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